Saturday, October 9, 2010

So nearly put in hospital two weeks ago... Not due to low BMI (haha as ifff), but rather the dangers associated with losing weight too quickly??

Lot of crap! I've lost weight faster than this I'm sure and I've not experienced any adverse effects. Sure if you're severely underweight I can see the risks, but certainly not at my weight!!

Apparently, doctors have a different BMI for those 'at risk' with eating disorders. I was always under the impression that 18.5 and below was underweight, but the doctors keep telling me a BMI of 20 and below is dangerous for those with or having had an eating disorder.

They think a good BMI for me would be 22...


ps. Alexa Chung is a god. I want all her clothes and especially her legs!


  1. I hate doctors. I hope you're okay, though!

  2. Thank you! So do I! I just need to figure a way to convince them I'm all fine so they'll stop monitoring me!!

  3. Alexa Chung <3 Friggen gorgeous.